The 4 FACTORY MANAGER (4FM) simulation game is an innovative tool that allows mapping a real plant (Smart Factory) with production processes, machines (Digital Twins) in a computer game. 4FM uses an innovative gameplay model based on the interaction of the virtual world with the real world using the concept of Industry 4.0. This is opens up a range of possible areas for applying the game to manufacturing companies and delivering a specific business value. One of these areas is HR, where 4FM perfectly supports recruitment processes (screening), the introduction of new employees into the work environment (onboarding), building employee involvement by increasing their awareness of the entire processes in which they participate and how important their role is in those processes (gamification). Gamification is also a response to generational changes, where Generation Z (the so-called iGen - Internet Generation), for whom games are a natural environment, is entering the labor market. A natural consequence of these changes is the transfer of the implementation of new employees and the improvement of their skills to the environment of computer games, where they feel comfortable and acquire knowledge more easily. The element of competition is an additional stimulus that strengthens the bond with both the company and the team. Thanks to 4 FACTORY MANAGER, companies build a brand of innovative company therefore increasing the interest of potential employees, reducing the cost of introducing a new employee and decreasing rotation. In this way they enhance their competitive advantage.


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