DSR since 2005 effectively supports the use of the manufacturing company's resources, by the assessment of real usage of machinery and work time of the specialists using IoT tools and cloud computing. Moreover, our solutions allow for the improvement of production processes providing actual image of the production key performance indicators. The production management systems we offer, also allow for fast analysis of the resources availability and better organization of labor as well as for efficient scheduling and production planning.

Our production management system developed for Industry 4.0 called DSR 4FACTORY - is a package of IT solutions for improvement of the specific areas within the whole production process, which includes services and software for registration and analysis of the production process, monitoring of specific machine parameters and material flow tracking: SFC 4FACTORY, EAM 4FACTORY, MPS 4FACTORY, CFG 4FACTORY.

Vision and strategy

The aim of the company is to support companies from the production sector in creating competitive advantage, based on new technologies. Obtaining a rapid return on investment in the solution for the Client is, for DSR, a basic criterion of success in all our implementations.

DSR is continuously building the biggest competence centre for production companies in Poland and in the wider region and offers expert knowledge and best practices in IT systems implementation.

Why DSR?

In its operation, DSR utilises a Lean Manufacturing philosophy, which indicates that the company success is based not only on manufacturing the right product. It is also important to deliver  our service to the Client in the right time, place and volume as well as to minimize costs associated with satisfying each of our Client’s needs. Thanks to balance of these elements and quick response to market changes, the company is able to significantly improve its effectiveness and thus any product can reach the Client in a shorter time. DSR operates according to three key values :

  • Dynamism: we treat each company individually. We deliver selected tools that help our Clients to quickly and appropriately respond to new requirements of the market.
  • Synergy: we integrate systems implemented by ourselves over many years (among others ERP, MES and APS) with new solutions introduced by us so that the Client can achieve maximal benefits thanks to their interaction.
  • Results: we identify areas where the investment in IT will give the best effects and the biggest return. We want every Client to obtain real benefits through the use of our IT, support in the form of more efficient production, better Customer Service and reduction of loss.


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