SFC 4FACTORY is a simple way to monitor and analyze production. The software is used to verify the performance of employees and machines involved in the production process. The system allows for production reporting, checking its key parameters, quality control, data analysis and - what is particularly convenient - automatic data collection from machines.

All orders are collected and monitored in real time in the system's database for later reporting and analysis. Data collected in this way on various KPIs inform about the progress of work on individual orders, the effectiveness of work of people, machines and devices.

SFC 4FACTORY is easy to use. It can be run through a standard web browser, and the graphical user interface has been designed to be able to use different size screens and equipment used in the factory and office. In addition, we recommend using the proprietary tool - IOT 4FACTORY, which is used to collect data directly from production units in real time.

The most common benefits for users:

  • the possibility of registering the production both by the operator and automatically from the machines
  • the determination of effective production indicators compliant with the ISO 22400 standard
  • the monitoring of machine operation parameters and production environment
  • the analysis of the impact of production parameters on production efficiency indicators (KPIs)
  • the use of industrial automation solutions, which does not require programming accessible API - the ability to integrate with other systems
  • better efficiency and effectiveness of production resource management
  • the quick identification of failures and unplanned stops
  • easier control and analysis of labor costs
  • cyclical software update


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