The CFG 4FACTORY configurator is an application that enables quick and correct execution of an individual order based on product variants available in a given model. It is a complete, integrated IT solution supporting the production of custom-made products.

During the operation of CFG 4FACTORY, the product's structure is automatically created in the product structure system (so-called BOM), a parameterized technology that is used during production and in the selection process.

The application can be combined with an external ERP class system to retrieve data, and then as a result of the selection questionnaire, a new index of a configurable product with its structure (BOM) as well as the execution technology can all be exported back to the ERP system.

The most common benefits for users:

  • easier and faster preparation of individual offers and pricing
  • support for all production processes, minimizing the risk of error in, for example, choosing incompatible items
  • lower prices of products dedicated to customers
  • higher quality of technical documentation
  • faster delivery of dedicated products by shortening production preparation time
  • products adjusted to customer needs
  • automatic calculation of the sale price and manufacturing cost of the product variant
  • easy integration with online sales platforms
  • cyclical software update


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