The EAM 4FACTORY system is a type of software used to manage company assets dedicated to the Traffic Maintenance Department. EAM 4FACTORY improves the optimization of the production process thanks to preventive and predictive actions, facilitating the reduction of the duration of any production breaks resulting from unplanned machine unavailability.

Due to the complexity of the system, EAM 4FACTORY has been divided into modules that group functionalities, e.g.: Resources, Submissions / Orders, Reviews, Parts / Consumables, Reports.

In addition, we recommend using the proprietary tool - IOT 4FACTORY, which is used to collect data directly from production units in real time.

The most common benefits for users:

  • support for reporting failures
  • maintenance planning
  • support for inventory management
  • management of equipment, parts and consumables
  • easier control and maintenance of preventive work
  • orderly registry of machines, parts, tools and other production resources
  • the full identification of maintenance work
  • better efficiency and effectiveness of production resource management
  • built-in reports for data analysis
  • cyclical software update


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