PMSA4ACTORY (Production Management Smart Advisor) - an innovative tool for intelligent recommendation of changes in production processes for the purpose of their optimization, using cognitive techniques that fit̨ into the concept of Industry 5.0. It is the result of many years of cooperation between DSR and more than 170 companies from many industries and a response to their needs in the area of increasing productivity and building competitive advantage. An innovative tool supporting the participation of machine operators in making decisions about the way they operate, allowing continuous optimization of the production process, in the area of:

  • selecting the value of production process parameters to maximize selected KPIs in accordance with ISO 22400,

  • forecasting the occurrence of a production process downtime with an indication of the time and probability of this event.


The most common benefits for users:

  • supporting decision making at each level of the production process to optimize OEE (ISO22400)

  • predicting the occurrence of a production process downtime and generating recommendations to prevent it

  • extending the life cycle of machines and tools by monitoring and optimizing particular settings and monitoring selected parameters; preventing technological overuse

  • generating and collecting data that are the basis for optimizing production order execution planning (IoT DataLake); building a data-driven organization (Data Factory)

  • acquiring knowledge from machine operators that allows its acquisition and distribution within the organization


Finally, artificial intelligence is also entering the production shop floors - the recruitment for the second phase of the PMSA 4FACTORY project has started.

Up to a twofold decrease in machine breakdowns and a significant increase in production efficiency are just some of the advantages of our solution. If you would like to see how the mechanisms of Netflix and Twitter can be applied to your company, click below:


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